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Building a Structural Addition? Here's How to Source for Quality Building Supplies

Are you building a structural addition in your home? Perhaps adding a sunroom or converting your garage into a livable space? One of the essential steps in the planning process is determining where to find quality materials and supplies for the project. One benefit of doing this on your own is you get to choose your supplier and find the exact items you need for the project. As you embark on this critical task, here are four tips on how to find quality yet affordable supplies.

Conduct Market Research

Whether you're buying tiles, plumbing fixtures, doors, sinks or wall paint, it's crucial to conduct market research before making the purchase. Which items are readily available in the local market? What are the various types, and which ones are best suited for your project? To simplify this task, have an image of how you want the building to look and which fixtures you'd like. For example, if you need timber flooring, you can narrow down your search to hardwood flooring options as compared to checking out all materials such as concrete, tile and laminate.

Examine the Quality of Materials

One downside to solo sourcing for building supplies is the risk of ending up with poor quality materials. It's crucial to know how to differentiate between high-quality and inferior products. Similarly, you need to know the features of different materials and how they relate to the kind of construction you want. For example, when buying windows, you have the option of single, double, and triple-glazed glass. Know what's best suited for you as relates to your energy-saving requirements. When choosing fixtures, examine their quality and ask for expert opinion when you're in doubt.

Buy Supplies in Bulk

If your project calls for a lot of supplies, buy them in bulk as opposed to per unit basis. For example, buy all the needed bags of cement as compared to getting a few at a time. Buying in bulk allows you to enjoy discounts on the materials. However, to avoid material wastage, talk to your contractor so they can give you a detail of all the items required and their quantities. The breakdown will ensure you don't just buy in bulk, but you also get the right amount to avoid losses.

Engage an Expert

Buying materials on your own may seem like the cost-effective thing to do. However, engaging an expert may lead to even better short-term and long-term savings. Most general contractors have worked with numerous suppliers, and they know where to source quality materials at reasonably low prices. Engage them for better results. You don't have to leave the task to your contractor. However, taking them along the process enables you to get high-quality supplies to guarantee a durable and reliable structure.

Getting the right building supplies determines the structural integrity and appearance of your new addition. Consult an expert if you're having a hard time finding the right materials for your project!