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Benefits Of A Kitchen Island In Your New Kitchen

A kitchen typically functions in a variety of ways in a home. It's a work area for cooking and food preparation as well as a social hub for chatting and catching up. One issue to consider, when planning the design, is whether you want a kitchen island, which can help to create a more functional and beautiful decor. Here are several advantages of putting a kitchen island in your custom kitchen


An island provides many personalisation options in terms of function and design in custom kitchens. For instance, you could connect electricity and plumbing to the unit and install electricity sockets to run appliances such as toasters or ovens. You might decide to place your main sink within the island or install a secondary sink. If you designate it primarily as an entertainment hub, your priority could be to fit an overhanging counter and stools for family and friends to gather around. A wine rack or a mini-fridge are two possible storage options. The possibilities for the set-up and arrangement of a kitchen island are virtually endless. 


A kitchen island can increase cooking efficiency as it provides additional options for placing key items—such as the sink, fridge and stove—within convenient walking distance. In some kitchen layouts—such as a U-shape minus an island—the benches are too far away from each other. In these designs, when cooking, you'll walk many unnecessary kilometres over weeks and months. A centrally placed island, however, cuts down on the distance between counters and appliances and so on. You can decide whether to install a sink or oven to create the best dynamic.

Focal Point

Central objects in a room tend to stand out, and a kitchen island, unfettered and free from the wall, provides the perfect opportunity for you to create a focal point. You could cover the top in a striking piece of marble, granite or limestone. Sometimes less is more, and if you spread the entire kitchen in a statement stone countertop, it can overwhelm the design. For a smaller bench area though, across the island, it can form a beautiful centrepiece. 

Other ways to emphasise your kitchen island include installing contrasting cabinetry doors in terms of colour or materials. For example, while wall cupboards might be grey, you could cover the cabinet doors on the island in a rich navy. Alternatively, you could install decorative glass doors on the island and solid doors on the outer surrounding cupboards.