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Guidelines to Simplify Line Marking on All Surfaces

Line markings are important on the road, in car parks and even in schools and other open spaces. They guide traffic flow on the road, direct people on how to park their vehicles and give indications for people with disabilities and other essential car movement and parking safety information. When getting line marking services, you have to worry about the quality and the experience of the professional handling the process. If the marking is done poorly, or the wrong materials are used, it will wear out sooner than expected. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you contract a professional for the job. Additionally, the following guidelines will simplify the process for you. 

Preparing the Surface for Line Marking

Different surfaces will need different preparation methods for successful marking. However, you should always start by clearing the surface of any objects, including vehicles. Then, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. You can have cleaners scrub the surface the day before the one you have set out for marking. Some companies also have sweeping and vacuuming machines that remove all debris from the surfaces just before the marking process. The goal is ensuring that the surface is clean and dry, regardless of the cleaning method applied.

Preparing Concrete for Marking

Places like schools and hospital parking lots and other surfaces are typically covered with concrete. If the concrete is new, you should allow it to cure for some weeks before marking it. When the surface is cured, remove any contaminants that might interfere with the marking. Finally, ensure that all water sources are turned off because water damage can create smudges and even completely ruin the markings on the surface. 

Choosing the Right Marking Paint

Several types of paint are used for the line marking process. Water-based acrylic is common and effective in places where the foot and vehicle traffic is low. However, if the area you want to mark is highly trafficked such as a section of the highway, it is advisable to use preformed thermoplastic paint. The paint is durable and reflective. It will last for many years and will even indicate the direction in the absence of light.

Surfaces like bitumen can be marked a day after they have been laid, as long as the marking paint is water-based. Finally, always ensure that you engage a line marking professional. They will understand the importance of proper line-marking tools and procedures, and apply them to give you quality and durable markings. 

For more information on car park line marking, reach out to a professional line marking company.