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Why Safety Should Be Your Priority When Planning a Construction Project

Safety should be one of the essential things you worry about when starting a construction project. Fortunately, the construction business and the technology surrounding it, have evolved a lot over the past few decades. Inventions such as scaffolding, fall arresters, harnesses and full-body suits ensure that falls, fire and other common construction hazards do not cause injuries and death to your construction site staff. When you choose to ignore safety and an accident happens, you incur downtime, which slows down construction. You might also end up with lawsuits, which will drain your construction budget. Here are three reasons to prioritise safety when carrying out construction projects. 

Protecting the Public 

It is your responsibility as a contractor or construction project manager to protect the general public from any hazards that your project could pose to them. For instance, if you leave your site unfenced and a pedestrian walking through falls into an excavation pit, you are liable for causing them bodily harm. The same case applies to when objects drop from heights, hit passers-by, and you are found to have no sound fall arrestors. These lawsuits can cost you a lot of money and even stop your construction project. 

Compliance With the Building Regulations

Another reason to think about putting safety measures in place when starting a construction project is to comply with the local construction authorities. When you fail to comply with the construction code of practice, the local authorities have a right to stop the project until you take measures to protect your workers and the general public from the possible damages that could result from the project.

Saving Time and Money

Accidents are costly. First, they slow down the construction process, and as you go beyond the allotted time for the project, money starts piling. Accidents also bring about unexpected extra costs, like hospital bills and other health-related expenses. If the person who was involved in the accident decides to sue you for personal injury and wins, you will have to compensate them. This can take a toll on your finances, especially if you are not properly insured.

Getting the right safety equipment and measures in place before starting a construction project may seem like a lot of work and money. However, failing to do it leads to greater losses in the long run. Consult safety professionals and let them help you create an accident-proof construction site with essential safety measures.