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Inspiring Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom involves a myriad of decisions about components like the vanity, shower and other elements. As well, you'll need to consider what kinds of tiles to spread across the walls and floors. Here are some decorative tiling ideas to inspire you.

Timber-Look Ceramic Tiles

If you love the warm look of timber, you could install ceramic wood-look tiles over the walls for a rustic aesthetic. These tiles will escape the rot and warping of real wood. You'll have a choice of different grains and tones, from pale to dark brown, that mimic the variations and inconsistencies in timber to give your tiling an organic feel. 

3-D Tiles

Rather than being flat and smooth, 3-D ceramic tiles feature various textures, indentations and edging that give a sense of weaving movement. You could install green-blue tiles, for instance, with wavy effects reminiscent of the beach. So that the overall decor doesn't overwhelm, make sure to keep surrounding surfaces relatively minimal so they're not competing for attention. You could install these feature tiles along a wall border or in a set place, such framing a mirror to create a unique focal point.

Large-Format Travertine Tiles

Large-format travertine tiles spread across expanses of wall and floor create a luxurious, timeless look. Closely set and with minimal grout lines, their beautiful dusty fawns, creams and pinks are showcased without distraction. With these earthy light hues, travertine is ideal for creating a homey but classic feel. You'll need to regularly reseal your travertine tiles to keep them looking their best. Other natural stone options include marble, granite and slate.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles—in silver, copper or bronze—add a sparkling uplifting effect. Rather than covering an entire wall with this jewelled effect, choose a limited area, such as bordering a vanity mirror. The reflective tile area will bounce light around the bathroom for a brighter ambience.

Patterned Tiles

Ceramic and concrete tiles are both available in a vast array of patterns. Feature walls with these tiles are best surrounded by neutral or flat surfaces, in hues drawn from within the pattern. You could install vintage old-world greens and yellows or choose a Mediterranean or other design style. 

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles can enhance many bathroom styles, including traditional, vintage or modern. A wall covered in white subway tiles manages to look homey and classic simultaneously. They'll take on the aesthetic of the surrounds, whether that be contoured vanity doors with a classic marble countertop or industrial black metalwork and exposed plumbing. Ask your bathroom renovation contractor about other creative tiling ideas.