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Factors to Consider When Planning a Custom Kitchen

If you're planning a custom kitchen, you have a lot to consider, such as the lighting, storage, layout and benchtops. Here are several tips to help you design a space you love.


Abundant natural light evokes an inviting ambience and shows off surface textures and colours in a flattering fashion. Thus, consider ways to let more daylight flow inside by extending the window, installing a skylight or fitting glass doors, for instance.

Artificial lighting is crucial too. Include globes in different areas to cater to alternate scenarios. For example, recessed ceiling lights spread illumination to all corners, and under-cabinet lights brighten up the benchtop and bring it out of the shadows, making food preparation easier. If you connect the various globes to several switches, you can control the environment. You could turn on accent lighting around a display cabinet if you're entertaining at night, for example.


Renovating your kitchen provides a chance to install efficient storage that doesn't waste space. You could fit different depth drawers to contain a range of items. Deep ones can hold pots and pans, while shallower drawers can hold mugs. By factoring in your storage needs, you can custom design the cabinetry to suit.

For a streamlined effect, install cupboards that extend to the ceiling, and put rarely used items on the uppermost shelves. A kitchen island offers further storage possibilities as you can fit cabinets or shelves on each side.


Of course, for a kitchen island to work successfully, the room will need an ample floor area so you can easily move around the space. Also, consider the relationship between the workspaces such as the sink, fridge and cooktop when planning the layout. If these elements are too far away from each other,  you'll have to walk extra steps when cooking. If they're too close, the kitchen can become congested if more than one person is preparing food. An island provides a handy way to improve the workflow, as you can install a sink or stovetop on top.

Benchtop Materials

When choosing a benchtop material for custom kitchens, you'll have a range of options. While timber evokes warmth, you need to look after it and oil or seal it regularly. Granite is hardy, and marble requires more care, as it can etch if acidic food and drink spills. As well as resilience, think about the cost. One approach is to splash out on an exclusive item, such as a gorgeous natural stone benchtop, and combine that with more affordable flooring or cabinetry, for example.