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4 Best Types of Bricks for Building and When to Use Them

Bricks have long been one of the most commonly used building materials, used in all applications from commercial to industrial to residential. Sometimes they're used purely for structural purposes, while other times they serve a decorative purpose. Of course, with such a wide variety of bricks available, builders need to know all their different benefits, properties and best applications. If you're looking to use bricks while building, read on to find out four of the most common types and where they work best. 

1. Burnt clay bricks

First on the list are bricks made from burnt clay. These are the most commonly used bricks in construction due to their wide range of possible applications. Burnt clay bricks offer a variety of benefits, such as durability, water resistance, strength and insulating abilities, which make them so easy to use in many situations. You can use burnt clay bricks when building walls or even foundations and columns. 

2. Concrete bricks

Next up is concrete bricks. They are typically made from a mixture of solid concrete and stones, which make them stronger and more durable. These bricks can sometimes even be made by professionals on a construction site to avoid the hassle of transporting them. They're able to do this by pouring solid concrete into a custom mould, which is why these bricks can be produced in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Concrete bricks can be used for many purposes — building a facade, outdoor walls or even internal brickwork.

3. Sand lime bricks

Just like the name suggests, sand lime bricks are made using a mixture of sand, lime and a colour pigment according to personal preferences. These bricks offer a high compressive strength, acoustic insulation and don't require much mortar plaster to stay in place, which makes them very economical and time-saving. The most common application for sand lime bricks is acoustic insulation due to sand and lime being a great obstacle for sound.

4. Firebricks

If you're looking for a material that is resistant to heat and fire, then firebricks are right for you. These bricks made from fireclay can withstand incredible temperatures over a thousand degrees. But that's not all. They can resist even low temperatures and rapid changes between hot and cold. Their fire-resistant properties make firebricks perfect for use during the construction of fire pits, chimneys, wood-fired ovens and furnaces.

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